Tuesday, September 06, 2005

When Things Fall Apart

"you dropped something." i was told as i leaned over the lake attempting to hold the boat against the pushing wind. i glanced down to see the ipod i had purchased a few days for my wife’s birthday sinking to its death.

this past week i have found myself breaking/ruining my possessions on a regular basis. dings in a car, a hole in a wall, breaking my chain saw, and continual mower blade replacement. i’ve never been a klutz but as my 20s wane i am observing my ability to think ahead and sidestep these complications is dissipating.

i honestly thought i would make it until at least 50 before i began noticing the short comings of the mind. yet here i am barely an adult (in my opinion) losing focus and destroying what should endure my contact.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Lukas McKnight said...

The saddest part is you dropped the iPod!!!!

At 3:27 PM, Blogger jay baehr said...

just realized today onced it dried it works. amazing. god was good to me today.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Lukas McKnight said...

In the spirit of Mary Rowe, "Praise the Lord!"


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