Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Becoming a Full-Time Student (Again)

There is no going back now. Actually, I could drop out and count a few hundred dollars as an acceptable loss, but I've never been a quitter.

About 5 months ago I enrolled as a Master's of Special Education student at Mercyhurst College and at that time I thought little of how my life would be different today. What I have now realizing is being a full-time student & worker might not be all I had fantasized it to be.

Yesterday during our round table introductions our professor asked us to pick an adjective which best describes us. The only one I could think of was 'Confused'. My undergraduate work was in Biblical & Theological Studies at North Park University and there I learned to read, critique and expand on theological thoughts. Now, I am finding myself sitting a table learning to evaluate students and actively figure out the best avenue for their education. It is quite the contrast.

I think the one aspect keeping me pressing on is I can now get a 10% discount at Arby's with my Student ID. "COLLEGE!!!!"