Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Best Student Ever.....Wasn't Me

The first semester of my debut as a Master's student wasn't quite what I expected. After logging into 'Web Advisor' and clicking on 'My Grades' my heart sank deep into the ocean of sadness. All I wanted to see was 3 Eiffel Tower shaped letters and only one stamped the screen. I leaned back. I leaned way back in my chair and shook my fists at the heavens screaming.......


As the tears triple jumped down my face it seemed there was no rainbow in sight. Cautiously 2 by 2 animals made their way into my office and joined my sorrow.

"Undone....we are UNDONE!!!" Roared the Liger, a mythical but sensitive beast.

When the 40 days ended I composed myself and took a good look/smell around me.....I was alone. I stood and turned. Walking out the door I grabbed the books I wasn't able to sell online, hopped into my truck and drove to the Lakeview in search of Yuengs & Wings.