Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's Raining...

i was at walmart on a cell phone just like i should be and i see a familar family of 4. first thought is hello second is goodbye. i choose the later.

i was looking for fly traps and really any will do. it's hard to find anything in the at place. especially since there are so may people to look at. and not along the lines of a leer or pervasive glance. i mean these people are interesting. i couldn't find the fly traps so i gave into looking at dvds. i also found a couple puzzles.

i am addicted to everything i enjoy. it's hard having this personality...i refuse to try certain things since i know i will immediately enjoy them and use up time and money. i am addicted to puzzles. put one infront of me and i am wasted for its duration.

i hope it rains for another few hours. it oppresses clothing and makes a body heavy. being enclosed is comforting.



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